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Louise Plym had the guts to start early

Entrepreneur Louise Plym started her first company, Campingkul, when she was just 18 years old. After that she got education within design and store communication and worked all around the world with this for IKEA for several years. 2015 she started Plym Projekt, a company that is specialized in concept development and interior design for public and commercial environments.

With inspiration from the trends in Silicon Valley Louise created a successful concept where you work with the customer to applicate the customers brand and personality into stores and offices. The company is based in Växjö, Sweden, but works globally. With customers like IKEA, Smarteyes, Spotify, Svensson i Lammhult and Fortnox Plym Projekt has become a well-known name in a short period of time.

– Partly we successfully positioned us with a unique concept on the market, and partly we found a way to work completely digitally, which allows us to work all over the world in a sustainable and cost efficient way. A big part of my success is also that I went big from the beginning and started early. We couldn’t have grown and developed at this rate if I hadn’t hired good and reliable people in an early phase, Louise Plym says.

Louise realized very early on the benefits of having a big network of people around herself and all the help that is available for new companies. For example, she’s participated in Företagsfabrikens incubation process. Now she is going through Almis program for growing companies calles TUFF.

– I like to belong in a context with my company where I can exchange ideas with others. To get another point of view gives perspective, and it’s always good to meet other entrepreneurs who is in the same situation. When it comes to the composition of people in our group Almi really succeeded.

– I’ve also went through Almis mentor program and as a result of that my mentor is now in my board. Additionally, I often go on Almis networking mingles and lectures about different topics that connects to running a company. On these meetings I get everything a need to know delivered in a package, and that is a great way to keep up to date on everything.

Article published in PRATA AFFÄRER 2020