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concept developing & interior design


When INBooks relocated to floor 16 of ICON, one of Växjö’s tallest buildings, they opted to fully immerse in an office concept that aligns with their bold brand and company image. Tasked with creating a concept where the INBookers would feel at home, we, at Plym, enthusiastically embraced the challenge. The rewarding process engaged the company’s employees, management, and involved absorbing substantial material. Previously, a unicorn, symbolizing glitz, glamour, and daring boldness, represented them. However, upon presenting our office concept, we declared the end of a single unicorn mascot, proclaiming that from now on, they are all unicorns, casting their magic throughout. Rather than literal representations, our color scheme and material selections were inspired by the intrinsic components and characteristics of a unicorn, resulting in an office concept that is anything but basic.


Powerful lyrics – “I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way” – resonate through the speakers but are suddenly engulfed by an eruptive laughter, instilling the light, airy atmosphere with joviality. The scent, clean and crisp with a subtle undertone of jasmine, permeates the air. Large clusters of green plants form isolated islands, creating rooms within rooms. As you settle into a soft sofa, bringing a coffee cup to your lips, it’s undeniable: this office offers a multi-sensory experience. Darting flashes of light bounce off tabletops, casting playful sun cats on the uneven wall, contributing to a carefully curated mix designed to forge a uniquely enchanting experience. At INBooks, we are anything but “ordinary.”

Glimpses of Robin Hood, Lady Gaga, and Bear Grylls grace our ‘Wall of Heroes,’ echoing our collective spirit. We’re a band of rebels, unafraid to stand out and challenge the ostentatious. We are daring, diverse, and utterly fearless. The office explodes with color, rejecting the restraint of minimalist, edgy beige, black, and white tones. Surprises manifest in unexpected material choices, such as tactile, soft walls, sleek transparent lamps, and coarse sisal rugs. Discarding trends, we forge our path.

How would it look if we, desiring to invert a homogenous, dull industry, attempted this from a sterile, strict environment?

Upon closer inspection, the office furniture reveals a varied amalgamation of Scandinavian modern classics, sweeping shapes, disproportionate sizes, pointed corners, and a color palette seemingly extracted directly from Miami Beach – because rules are meant to be shattered. We toss the style guide to the wind, prioritizing emotion and passion. Furthermore, a meticulously polished expression would suggest we are “complete,” yet our journey to disrupt conventions and break ground in the accounting industry has just commenced. While our approach may appear chaotic, we ensure our customers feel guided and secure, delivering clarity, simplicity, and generous knowledge-sharing to illuminate the drab world of accounting.

We advocate for utmost simplicity, enabling our clients to build their dreams with us as their sturdy support, complemented by an app that assures accessibility from virtually anywhere in the world. This also extends the same flexibility to us: to work from anywhere. Our digital work approach should empower us to, à la Tony Stark, jet off to the other side of the world when the desire strikes, yet maintain robust connections, ensuring we remain integral parts of the INBooks family. Our familial bond is undeniable – we even buy each other soup when one falls ill. The warmth of INBooks is perceptible both in our supportive interactions and literally in the cozy furniture and vibrant colors that define our environment.

Office functions are distinctly clear, designed to bolster creative thinking and encourage that additional daring step. As a young company, we don’t profess to have all the answers, nor do we feel compelled to. Curiosity propels us, and we eagerly await whatever the future holds with open doors. Flexibility remains a pivotal actor in this development and experimental work, ensuring that structure and security are not lost but play an equal role in our ongoing journey – a journey that is merely beginning.

Concept and interior design PLYM
Photos Julia Rindhagen