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New Concept Development


We together with Lotta Hahn and Ola Holmerin started off by winning a pitch competition that Smarteyes announced. The brief was to create a new Scandinavian concept, focusing on simplicity that stands out from the traditional and medical optician market that we have today. It was all about making it easy to pick out the right style and glasses for you. At Smarteyes the glasses are not presented as glasses but as “eye-wear” as “I wear my eyewear as a part of my personality”.

Concept and result

We went full in by designing everything custom made and with unique construction drawings for each shelf, board, table, and item. It was very important to prioritize having full height mirrors to be able to see that the glasses match your personality.We interviewed the opticians working at Smarteyes. 

They explained that they need a dark room but feel left out from the social environment if they don’t have windows. Because of that, we decided to make their hubs freestanding cubes in spy-mirror glass (you can see out but not in). This created a good work environment as well as a good looking design and function of the room.


Concept design Lotta Hahn and PLYM 
Technical drawings Ola Holmerin