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New concept and pilot stores


Svenssons i Lammhult is a high-end brand furniture and design company originally from ”Småland”, the heart of Sweden’s wood design region. The concept and pilot stores are located in Sickla and in The Mood Gallery – both in Stockholm.

Concept and result

PLYM and Lotta Hahn created a totally new pitch-black suit for the store’s look. We placed each item on a podium with a spotlight just like a star on stage. Firstly, because good form and a great design process need to be respected. Secondly, we tried to put ourselves in the costumers’ shoes. If I’m buying a sofa for 120 000 SEK how would I want it to be presented to me? Yes, with pride – like a star.

Concept design PLYM
Technical drawings Ola Holmerin
Implementation Services The Good People