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Innovative and Collaborative: Plym’s Design for IKEA’s PLASA Office

We are pleased to highlight our most recent project milestone: the new Purchasing & Logistics Area South Asia (PLASA) office for Inter IKEA in Bangalore, India. This project marks a significant achievement in creating a workspace that embodies innovation, togetherness, and wellbeing.

As the pandemic reached its final stages in 2022, the decision was made to move the dispersed PLA functions in India to a single, large office in Bangalore. The existing PLASA office in Bangalore invited us to create a new concept and office space that would integrate the proven elements of a typical IKEA office with new ways of working in a post-pandemic world.
We demonstrated that it is possible to perform our work remotely, paving the way for a hybrid working model where some tasks are completed in the office and others at home. To attract employees back to the office, it was essential to offer something unique that cannot be found at home—be it the collaborative atmosphere, higher ergonomic standards, or the ability to work in a focused environment. With these goals in mind, we set out to ensure that the new office provides employees with the best tools and options to perform at their best.

The Design Concept
The PLASA office is a vibrant explosion of color, blending Indian patterns, textiles, and strong colors with Scandinavian structure and simplicity. This unique fusion reflects important IKEA values like togetherness and modesty. We took IKEA’s hallmark Scandinavian design and home furnishing sensibilities and infused them with the rich, colorful aesthetics of Indian culture, resulting in a truly vibrant and welcoming workspace.

Key Features and Innovations
– Open and Flexible Layout: The office features an open layout with minimal fixed walls, allowing for easy reconfiguration based on evolving needs. This flexibility supports a more innovative way of working, essential in the post-pandemic world.
– Natural Light and Flowing Spaces: Unlike traditional office designs where meeting rooms and walls occupy the center, the PLASA office places these at the periphery, allowing natural light to flow through the core of the space. This design choice enhances the overall atmosphere, making it more open and inviting.
– Collaboration and Innovation: The office includes numerous areas designed for collaboration, such as an innovation lab, project boxes, and semi-open meeting spaces. These spaces encourage spontaneous interactions and creativity, fostering a dynamic work environment.
– Ergonomic and Inspirational Work Zones: Recognizing the diverse needs of employees, the office features a large open quiet zone for focused work, complete with ergonomic sit-stand desks and comfortable seating options. This zone provides an inspirational environment where employees can reflect, relax, and work efficiently.
– Activity and Play Areas: To promote physical and mental wellbeing, the office includes activity areas where employees can unwind with board games, participate in ping pong tournaments, or simply stretch out. These spaces contribute to a healthy and balanced work environment.

Client Feedback
Neetu Kapasi, Leading Communication & Public Affairs for South Asia at IKEA Supply, shared her thoughts on the new office:
“A workplace does more than just provide space to do your job. At IKEA, we believe a safe, healthy, curious, fun, engaging, open, happy, colorful, inspiring, well-designed, flexible environment promotes coworker wellbeing, collaboration, innovation, and co-creation. It accelerates performance and makes you love your job, team, and organization. At Purchasing & Logistics Area South Asia, we truly believe in this so much, as our role is more than a job! Collaboration is the way we work.”
Geoson George, Administration Manager at IKEA Supply, added:
“This office is a new chapter for driving innovation and togetherness by being closer to the customer. With such an inspiring and collaborative workplace, it is now time to grow the business further in the South Asia region.”

The new PLASA office in Bangalore is not just a workplace; it’s a vibrant, flexible, and collaborative environment that reflects the best of both Scandinavian and Indian design principles. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when innovative design meets cultural appreciation.

We are incredibly proud of this project and grateful for the support and collaboration of everyone involved. This office truly embodies the spirit of IKEA and Plym’s commitment to creating workspaces that inspire and support the many people.
Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes looks at our ongoing projects!