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What will the future of office and store design look like?

The link between the architect and the furniture supplier.
That’s how you best describe Plym Projekt AB, where the focus is on creating unique, sustainable, and flexible designs for the future in office and store design. In close collaboration with their customers PLYM makes custom-made solutions with a grounding in needs and function. A concept that has attracted multiple industry leaders both in Sweden as well as globally in less than five years.

Louise Plym explains how the future of workplace will look like.

The Växjö-based company PLYM is a design agency that specializes in public and commercial work environments. The company evolves around concept development for stores and offices where PLYM stands for sustainable and flexible design solutions. Louise Plym is the woman behind the company’s success and also the owner of the company.
– We create efficient, creative, and attractive floor planning for expanding companies. We have clear and traceable processes and work in close dialogue with our customers during the work process to find optimal solutions, incused with both function and needs. Because we take complete responsibility for the design. The customer can even come to us with a completely empty local and we will make it into what the customer wants, Louise Plym says.
She also describes how her company is like the link between the architect and the furniture supplier, where you work on exact time plans and also can take on work concerning industrial design.
– We are designers, but because we also have a lot of other skills with lots of experience in their fields, like industrial designers and furniture designers we also have the capability to custom make furniture that you can’t find on the market. Here, as well as in all their work, we present everything in 3D pictures and videos, and if the customer wishes we can even make it into VR, says Louise.

She searched and found her inspiration
Louise Plym comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has moved all around Sweden and the rest of the world to find inspiration about what she wanted to make of her life. As an 18-year old she started an event company. She had no student loans and didn’t take out any loans to start her business. The company was started with her own money and re-investments. But Louise has always had a passion for design, and after she graduated from university with a focus on design with sustainable development, and marketing for store design, she worked for IKEA in four different countries.
– I did that for eight years, and when I returned to Sweden I felt that I had the best inspiration I could for moving on with my life. In 2015 I started Plym Projekt AB and the company’s had five successful years with assignments both nationally and globally, Louise says.

Challenging projects
Plym Projekt is currently active on office projects in for example Mexico, Malaysia, China, the USA, Dubai, and Vietnam with IKEA as their customer. They have made eight stores for Smarteyes so far. Another big customer is Fortnox, where Plym designed their head office which has been nominated to “The best office in Sweden”.
– We made a concept for Fortnox head office, which we’re now going to implement in all of the coming Fortnox offices in Sweden as they expand, says Louise.
PLYM collaborates with numerous other companies to have a wide range of competence. Louise wants to highlight some of them – Architect Lotta Hahn AB, constructor Ola Holmerin at Koola butiker, light design company Norlux, Malmö-based company The Good People that provides building and mounting, Obik for sewing and fabrics, as well as both Shiraz and Daryan, and ODD, for graphical design who has their offices in the same building as PLYM. Louise feels that she has an incredibly strong team at PLYM, that has the courage to think smart and big together with their customers.
– For now, we have to adapt to the current circumstances with the pandemic, but we have hopes that everything goes back to normal as soon as possible. We have been around for five successful years and we have lots more to give! Louise Plym finishes.