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Plym featured in enterprise magazine April 2021

How is your workplace affected by the fast-changing trends that are happening during and after a pandemic?

Plym Architecture and Design is a design agency that creates unique concepts and designs for offices and commercial store environments, with a focus on the clients´ needs and functions. With a lot of big projects in their background and customers all over the world, they create a unique workplace for their clients.

Plym featured in enterprise magazine April 2021

Plym Architecture and Design is the link between the architect and the suppliers. The owner of the company is Louise Eriksson Plym, a true entrepreneur soul and former elite wrestler whose true passion is clear goals, practical function, architecture, and aesthetics. She started the company in 2015.

Plym Architecture and Design’s work process is to identify and strengthen the company’s identity in the physical environment, both for stores and offices. For the stores, it’s important to show a unique and clear concept that is connected to their brand, but it’s equally important for the offices nowadays.

– It is important for us to have a clear budget for the internal spaces, to begin with, and that those spaces are adapted to today’s trends with digitalization and flexibility, says Louise.
During the pandemic, a lot of companies have been forced to make big changes for their employees to be able to work from home. That has led to new trends and is a big change that will impact the future. Louise says that a lot of companies that made these changes during the pandemic, that invested both time and money on digital aids that are needed for people to be able to work from home, will continue in the same tracks after the pandemic is over. Thereby Louise thinks many companies will want to move or split bigger offices into smaller ones with less space, but with a more creative and efficient workspace.

– Your workplace is primarily for professional and social meetings, and we think that when workplaces are already making these changes, why not make it into a clear concept? So both employees and customers can feel a strong company identity through every detail. Digitalization is growing rapidly and that makes it even more important today than just a few years ago when unintended marketing is happening when colleagues are streaming live from their workplaces.

Specialized in IT companies
Plym Architecture and Design has made projects for many big and successful companies both nationally and internationally, a few examples are IKEA, Spotify, Smart eyes, Fortnox, Vida, Dairy Farm, Castellum, and Svenssons I Lammhult.
They are often hired by bigger chain stores and IT companies.
– We have been specialized in IT companies’ interior design, they have certain needs you don’t see in other companies, and that is very interesting for us to see and we have made a lot of experience from it.
Louise says that they often work with flexible spaces where you easily can change offices and spaces after what you might need right now.
– Before most places were striving to have separate offices and conference spaces, today there are many more nuances to the workplace. The offices need a new type of flexibility, and you can especially see it in fast-growing companies like many IT companies are. It’s a challenge to have limited space but the needs of a big company. A few examples of space-saving items are stackable chairs, folding tables, TV screens, and whiteboards on wheels, which you easily can pull out and put back again in a few minutes.

When a new client hires Plym Architecture and Design they always make a meticulous analysis to figure out their clients’ needs and wishes. They work in close collaboration with their clients, and sometimes even in the company’s workplace to get a feeling for the company.
– It is very important to us to figure out our clients’ needs to know which direction we should go.
We have processes that we carefully follow to plan the whole project, so both we and the customer are satisfied before we start.

A branch in China
Today the design agency has been living and thriving for five years, and in the coming five years Louise has hopes to expand to more countries.
– We enjoy seeing the world shrinking and the borders are opening up, so we would like to have projects in even more countries than we already have. We currently have had projects in more than ten countries, and I think we can double that within the next five years. A dream would be to have a branch opening up in China, where I lived for a couple of years, says Louise.
Louise and her colleagues have received a lot of great responses from their clients over the years.
– We often hear that we are straightforward, careful and that we never leave anything to the chance, because our process highlights every detail, Louise ends.

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